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I am a Mexican photographer based in Tyrol, Austria. Due to my location, I am very close to Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, so if you are interested in working together, I am more than willing to travel to any part of the heart of Europe, as I enjoy meeting new people as much as I enjoy photography. I work in three photographic areas: Commercial, artistic, and philanthropic-therapeutic.

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My story



My formation

I started in social and documentary photojournalism, experiencing the transition from analog to digital cameras and moving from the darkroom to using programs and cables. Great photojournalism masters in Mexico shaped me through truly harsh critiques, which helped me refine my eye and technical flaws.

However, writing has always been one of my passions, so I left photography for words for a while. That's when I discovered the relevance of images in illustrating news or print advertising. The world of advertising opened up to me. I continued learning from the greats. After finishing university, I specialized in design, marketing, and branding while starting my own advertising agency. I developed advertising campaigns for educational institutions, which brought me back to writing and photographing with a commercial purpose.

Many things have happened since then. I started a family, which brought different responsibilities. Meanwhile, advertising took a drastic turn with the rise of social media. Journalism in my life became a risky subject due to the strong wave of violence in Mexico. So, I had to emigrate.

The change of residence has brought many new challenges. However, with great enthusiasm, I resumed photography, capturing family portraits and finding new opportunities in small commercial advertising projects. Due to the pandemic, safety measures prevented me from continuing fieldwork, so I began training in therapeutic photography.


I have worked as a written journalist for newspapers such as El Universal, Reforma (Mexico), L'Orient Le Jour, An-Najar, Al-Manara, and Al-Baitna (Lebanon-M). I have served as a correspondent for Arab countries for Mexican radio and television. I have given lectures on political, social, and cultural topics in Mexico in Paris, Rome, Vienna, Beirut, Istanbul, and various parts of Latin America and Mexico.

I studied Communication Sciences at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. I pursued my specialization in Graphic Arts and Marketing at the Iberoamerican University in Mexico. I studied Therapeutic Photography at the Motivarte School in Argentina. I completed a postgraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Valencia, Spain. I have a diploma in Logotherapy from the Third School of Psychology in Vienna (Mexico) and studied Photography and Museographic Practice at the Node Center in Berlin.



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“Somos Naciones en México, A.C." (We Are Nations in Mexico), I am part of the founding team that initiated a social and cultural project that connects consulates and migrant organizations established in Puebla, Mexico.

"Ni una menos Austria" (Not One Less Austria): An active participant and contributor to the graphic imagery of the movement.

"México Pa' arriba" (Mexico Rising): A project that promoted the donation of a library for the reconstruction of a school in Puebla, Mexico, particularly in response to the September 2017 earthquake.

"Mirémonos" (Let's Look at Ourselves): An international movement that encourages soulful observation through therapeutic photography.


IIn the advertising field, I do editorial and product photography. Sometimes I use production for advertising campaigns, while other times I create a stock of images for catalogs. I also create customized books for models with a commercial focus, either in the studio or in a special location.

One of my favorite practices is capturing families, children, and grandparents, and creating those birthday gifts that immortalize smiles, friendship, affection, and love.

In the artistic realm, I design a piece and capture what I think, what I feel, what I know, and what I am. This allows me to play with color, light, and time, or with weather conditions, circumstances, or emotions. Sometimes I represent it in a single photograph, sometimes I create a series, and sometimes, when I delve deeper, I hold an exhibition.

As part of my professional development in recent years, I have specialized in therapeutic photography. It is a practice of visual accompaniment in the search for meaning. My theoretical-practical approach is based on the teachings of Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, and philosopher Viktor Frankl, the founder of logotherapy and existential analysis.

"In addition to using speed and light to highlight the subject, whether it's a person, a situation, or a product, I also employ the theoretical principles of art in representation, expression, and aesthetic conception."


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